So, my first blog post.

I’ve always wanted to share my love of fashion and history, but haven’t really thought about blogging until my husband mentioned to me that I should blog/vlog what I’m learning. This is my creative outlet from the day to day hustle of going to work, taking care of the baby, cooking and cleaning, all of that.

I think my love started with Gone with the Wind- the drama, the clothes, the romanticism of it all fascinated me. My family is from the South and the idea of being a Southern Belle has always captured my inner-child. I basically never grew out of that Princess Phase! I’ve tried my hand at some Civil War era pieces when I was still in high school; totally hodge-podged together and not anywhere near accurate: an old circle skirt with some bedsheet ruffles and plastic-coated wire that was hanging around my parents gatage for a crinoline. I did attempt the “real thing” with a corset once, but I’ve since ripped it apart to canabalize the pieces for other projects. Now that I want to take this to an Adult Level and not just cobbling things together, I need to get organized and do some research.

I’ve bought several books on historical costuming and pattern drafting to help me narrow down a focus for my first big project. “Historic Clothes and How to Make Them” by Mary Fernald and E. Shenton along with “The History of Underclothes” by C. Willett Cunnington and Phillis Cunnington, both Dover Fashion and Costume books. These are great starting points I think because it gives a nice overview of the clothes worn from Midieval times through the late Victorian and Eduardian eras.  “Historic Clothes and How to Make Them” also has a few scaled patterns and instructions in the back. I now have a starting point from where to start narrowing down which century or era I want to start with – hi, Midieval clothing is much less complicated than a full Eduardian ensemble, but i will not be dissuaded. So, my struggle now is this- how do I pick!

Movies have been a great source of inspiration- Gone with the Wind helped before in sparking my imagination so I figured why not other movies? Braveheart is one that I’d always liked for the costumes, especially Princess Isabelle’s, though they aren’t 100% accurate, but it doesn’t hinder the ooh-that’s-pretty! Emma, Pride and Prejudice and all of the other Jane Austen movies flamed a love of Regency attire- love the costumes from Vanity Faire. Madame Bouvarie, Jane Eyre, countless westerns, etc continued my love of Victorian fashions. I mean, there are too many to mention, let alone pick from. So, how in the world am I going to narrow this down? How about hours of YouTube binging and Google searches for other costumer’s work to help me narrow down? I’ve found a couple of great sites and other blogs but I’ve noticed it’s slim pickins out there – thus my blog and soon-to-come YouTube channel -a lot of Victorian and a lot of Rennaisance/Tudor, some Rwgency, but little of the other eras I’m interested in. So, let’s start with something I’ve never done, don’t have much to go off of and see where that goes! If I’m jumping into blogging and vlogging I might as well go wholehog and start from square one.

Next post will be where I started with my research into my first project: a Restoration dress inspired by this bloggers reproduction and this painting.