So, it’s been a while…

Yeah, I know, bad Chris…no cookie, because apparently my blog has gone neglected for like, I dunno, a mere 18 months. I really wish Life were more… more… predictable, that’s the word! We have moved twice, had a few family tragedies, my daughter is a full-blown toddler now and in all of the mess, I haven’t picked up a needle since the last post.

I am again at home with too much free time on my hands though and a bit sedentary – I’m pregnant again and this time around is kicking me right in the gut, literally. I’ve been sick for over a week and pretty much can’t get out of the house: walking makes me motion sick, so driving, yeah, not so much.

I’m contemplating busting out the needle and thread again today and see if we can pick up where we left off with the chemise pattern from before: I as so happy with the progress on that, I just go so wrapped up in everything else going on, never got to finishing it up! I was able to get the whole thing put together, the neckline gathered, and it pretty much just needs finishing (hemming, etc.) to be considered ‘complete’.

I don’t know if this is getting read really – but if it is, welcome and thanks for taking the time!

Goals: get some more pictures up of what’s been done and finish that chemise so we can start on something new!


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